Our Leadership Team

We are former entrepreneurs and business leaders who have specific experience in mentoring community college students. Launching the Everyday Entrepreneur Venture Fund fuels our desire to give back to the community college community through our passion for entrepreneurship.

Chip Weismiller

Telephone: 203-856-5857

Chip Weismiller, a graduate in Entrepreneurship at Babson College in 1974, has owned a wide variety of businesses in industries such as Agricultural biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, construction, specialty chemicals as well as working with 12 distressed companies as a turnaround specialist. In 2016 he successfully sold his international alcohol company to work with the community college population. He has personally mentored over 25 students and entrepreneurs. He is keenly aware of the unique challenges the traditional community college student faces. He is committed full-time to help this student population make a meaningful improvement in their family economics and community connections through strategically smarter self-employment.

Stuart Weismiller

Telephone: 203-912-3364

Email: stuart@eeventurefund.org

Stuart has a long history in financial services and consulting as an executive with industry leaders and as Managing Partner of Marketing Tactics, Inc. (MTI), a consultancy specializing in business and marketing strategy. In addition to her consulting firm, Stuart has launched many consumer and B2B business ventures. She is currently President of the Board of Directors and serves on the Development Committee and the Entrepreneurship Task Force. 


Stuart received her BA in psychology and studio art from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 1972 and completed Harvard Business School’s Program for Management Development in 1980.


Vince Murphy

Telephone: 203-550-8906

Vince Murphy, an MBA graduate of Chicago Booth, is a veteran of the retail, consumer packaged goods, and beverage businesses, and has built brands, organizations, and market share for leading companies in each of those arenas. His diverse experience includes merchandise importing and store management, brand management in the mass grocery and drug channels, and global marketing and strategic sourcing.


In the non-profit domain, Vince holds board directorships in the Community College and Community Healthcare sectors, reflecting his priority around enabling those that are underserved but highly deserving.  He devotes extensive time to advancing entrepreneurship via mentoring and advisory engagement with students and state/municipal projects and envisions EEVF     leaving a footprint of energized college and community initiatives that transform careers and contribute meaningfully to local economies.


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