What is the Everyday Entrepreneur Venture Fund (EEVF  )?


  • $1M fund to provide seed grants to four Community College Foundations for community-based new business startups

  • Funds earmarked for community college students and recent alumni

  • Business launch program based on stress-tested idea development, business planning, and a unique community- based mentoring program

  • Proven success protocol for rapid launch and profitability


EEVF     Guiding Principles are based on three critical factors that contribute to the success of a sustainable business:

  • A well thought through/stress tested idea

  • A simple coherent business plan to reach profitability in 6 - 12 months

  • A full-time committed entrepreneur with industry and business mentor support


Who are “everyday entrepreneurs”?

Owners, subcontractors, and consultants in conventional, mainstream businesses - the engine that drives local communities. Some examples include daycare centers, delis, yoga studios, dry cleaners, bookkeepers, personal trainers, home nursing caregivers, and house maintenance, lawn care services and IT services.


There are three types of “everyday entrepreneurs” businesses:

  • Unique startup ideas

  • Scaling of existing alumni businesses

  • Replication of proven EE     businesses in new communities

Our goal is to attract as many innovative thinkers as possible into the process. We will work with community colleges to develop “funnel-filling” practices and support existing curriculum and initiatives such as idea pitches, entrepreneurship certificates and for credit classes.


Why focus on community college students?
  • Community college students are often underserved by standard entrepreneurship resources.

  • Startup funding is hard to come by and angel investors are focused on national, technology-based companies.

  • Community business opportunities in this space are a great fit for the skills, creativity, and passion of the community college population.

  • Traditional and returning community college students have the mindset and grit to launch small businesses which benefit both themselves and their local communities.

How Does it Work?

We provide proven tools to enhance existing community college programs and to help qualified students take a better idea from launch to a profitable business, including:


1.  Pre-launch resources to ensure business viability and       profitability with:

  • Proven idea development techniques and analysis prior to planning

  • "Entrepreneur Readiness Diagnostic"

  • Database of successful business ideas for local customization


2. Start-up seed funding for qualified businesses


3. Post-launch “safety-net” with:

  • Real-time/online financial tools for quick corrective corrections in Y1

  • Business and industry-specific mentoring team in Y1

  • Collaborative network for EE    alumni for continued business optimization


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